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Just because your mobility is restricted doesn’t mean you allow life to pass you by. After all, why should you stay home when your grandkids are out on the playground? We are a mobility shop in London which specialises in matching the right scooters with the requirements of the owners.

We have the cheapest and best portable mobility scooters in the UK. We also offer the widest range of products from small, mid-sized to large sizes. We have been in this business for a long time, and with good reason. Since we started, it has always been our policy to give the customers all their options when it comes to mobility chair scooters and allow them to decide on their own. We don’t believe in tricking the customer to buy a branded product in order to make more profits when a cheap mobility scooter will do .

In this business it’s all about trust and we value the faith that our customers have in us. We might make earn a small profit but by selling you the best mobility scooter in the market, but we do like to look at our customer’s wide smile after trying on one of our chairs for the first time.

So when we sell you a cheap mobility scooter and offer you excellent after-care service, you know that we care more about that connection with our customers than our bottomline.

You won’t ever have to skip a moment with your grandchildren again because of mobility problems. We are not just selling portable mobility scooters.We are offering possibilities.

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